Since 1982 we have provided a turnkey service to the Napa Valley.

We are hands-on builders with a big-picture view.

With an approach honed through a lifetime of experience, founder Greg Knittel leads our team in an immersive approach to project management, simultaneously attending to the details and knitting them together to create homes that feel seamless in every way.

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We bring more to the table.

Decades of experience in the construction of high-end residential properties in the Napa Valley gives us a deep understanding of design, assembly, timing and coordination, and the relationships to bring project teams together.


We provide answers.

Our design/build experience gives us an intuitive and informed understanding of design, enabling us to be the architect’s partner in the field.

We are stewards of the construction process.

As advocates for the integrity of the structure, we provide a knowledgeable voice for construction during the design and development process.