At KCI, we understand buildings.

We know what needs to happen when, and how to lead large projects so they come together successfully and efficiently. Through decades of experience in design/build projects, we have gained a deep knowledge of design that enables us to communicate productively with the architectural team, enacting their vision and providing collaborative expertise in the field. We are problem-solvers and we view ourselves as advocates for the integrity of the structure, providing a knowledgeable resource for the team and the client throughout the design and construction process.


Greg Knittel has construction in his DNA – building has been in his family’s blood for generations. His grandfather established a house-moving business in San Francisco shortly after immigrating from Sweden. His father, a banker and real estate developer, established Knittel Development in Napa.

Licensed in 1986, Greg started his career with Knittel Development, learning the business from the ground up. A decade later, he established Knittel Construction, initially working on projects in collaboration with Knittel Development before expanding his portfolio of work to include projects throughout the county. Firmly rooted in Napa County, he has an unrivaled understanding of the county, its permitting and construction processes.

Greg’s work in both development and construction of projects ranging from single-family homes to large subdivisions gives him a strong understanding of the development process from initial concept to final walk-through. Through his decades of practice, he has worked with a diverse array of sites and clients throughout the county.

Relying on his years of experience to simultaneously see the details and how those details come together to form the big picture, Greg’s approach to construction is transparent and hands-on. He learned from his father that the best builders have strong relationships with their architects; through those relationships, the architect’s perspective on building rubs off on the builder, and vice versa – an approach that consistently leads to successful projects.